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I’m so delighted with the garden that Wilder has created for me. It makes me smile every time I look at it and my appreciation of this new space, my sanctuary, is only going to increase as the garden grows. Theo and Ethan’s passion, knowledge and eco-credentials shone through as they guided me through the whole process. They are professional and personable and great communicators. Their crew were hardworking and a pleasure to have around. I’m very happy to recommend Wilder Landscapes to you.Read More

Our overgrown garden was in need of a bit of attention and Wilder Landscapes did a fantastic job. Theo proposed a range of cost-effective, outside-the-box solutions and advised me on planting schemes, plant care and other things we could do so support the local wildlife. I very much appreciated both his expertise and his attitude of working with nature rather than against it (letting plants do what they want to do!) Following an initial design phase the team came in for around 7 days to build some raised beds, create a wildlife pond, lay a path and a green roof and put up wiring to support climbers. The whole team were absolutely charming! Mark and Rhys did most of the building work - they were hard working, skilled and considerate, and remained good-humoured even during the downpours! Happy to wholeheartedly recommend the Wilder team!Read More

The Wilder team did an amazing job of transforming our overgrown, messy garden. They've created a perfect sanctuary for our family, it feels like we're in someone else's garden! The team were hardworking, professional, and took great care and consideration in their approach to everything. They solved any problems with ease and went above and beyond to make sure all the final details were perfect. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them! Thanks Ethan & Theo and team :)Read More

We have a flat in London with a large terrace space. We wanted to create a space that looked like an urban wild garden.. my kids love snails, slugs, bugs and bees.. we spoke to a lot of landscape consultants and all we heard was 10 aluminium pots with 10 plants. We didn't clearly know what we wanted but, I knew I didn't want one of those structural city terraces. We almost gave up on the idea of trying until we met Theo. At our first meeting, all he focused on was knowing us as a family.. I cook, kids love wild life, where we like to sit to watch the sunset etc etc.. after the initial consultation, Theo sent over the design and we absolutely loved it.. they found ways to fit all our needs and make it a special place for us.. a bug hotel, a bistro corner in the terrace, wild flowers, jasmine creepers (a beautiful remainder of evenings in our backyards at India)... we all took the leap - Ethan & Theo with us and we with them.. For the day of the installation my son (all of 9 years!) insisted he wants to be a part of the entire build. The team were so generous and allowed him to participate.. he had the most lovely time... the team was so professional.. so many hurdles to overcome when you live in a flat in London - small lifts, doors and corridors... the team never troubled us.. they problem solved , they kept a smile on the whole time.. calm and happy.. they tided up everything in the end.. including the carpets and apartment corridors.. The pictures taken are 2 months since build and now the terrace is a part of our every day - a place for a cuppa, a place for the kids to embrace wildlife in an urban space, a place that's now our pride and joy.. We highly recommend the team. We are so happy to have met each one of them. The after service has been incredible as well. Our whole family will remember the team for years to come as our terrace garden grows :)Read More

Ethan and Theo did a fantastic job transforming my front garden from a messy and overgrown sloping garden to a lovely and modern mix of reclaimed bricks, yorkstone paving and plants across two distinct steps/levels. It has made the front of the property much more pleasing to look at and easier to maintain, and increased how much light gets into the lightwell. The design process was constructive and enjoyable - the guys listened to my initial ideas and then created a design which took those ideas on board and used their experience and knowledge to suggest improvements and bring the the concept together so that the final design really worked well. I love it. The building process was also great, managing to fit the job into a relatively short space of time, which was very much appreciated. Through this spring and summer the plants have come into their own and the 'woodland' style, with a mix of grasses, shrubs and flowers, along with an existing cherry willow tree, is really interesting - it has personality and a point of view. They also replaced the old trellis fencing in my back garden with modern Venetian style fencing. Overall they have really transformed the outside space of my property (a Victorian terrace) so that it is modern and stylish, while being appropriate for the character of the property. Ethan and Theo are also simply very nice to work with! Recommended.Read More

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